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Social Innovations

Calgary Social
Calgary, Alberta

Jessalyn Holodinsky


DESTINE Health was born from research at the University of Calgary. Drs. Holodinsky and Kamal spent 3 years researching the best transportation strategy for stroke patients to access advanced treatments. Selecting the first hospital for a stroke patient to be transported to is complex – often the closest hospital is not the best choice. Every minute spent making this decision – the brain is dying.

DESTINE uses interactive visualizations to simplify decision-making. DESTINE’s algorithms incorporate biology, geography, and health system variables to make evidence-based decisions. Since 2018, DESTINE has helped healthcare systems worldwide improve patient outcomes leading to significant healthcare cost savings.

Qatar Social

Infant Massage in Neonatal Withdrawal from Opioids

There had been a growing increase in popularity of massage therapy both in the primary and secondary healthcare setting with recent attention moving on to infants with a variety of medical problems including prematurity, neurological disorders and prenatal drug exposure. Infant massage may hold promise as a low-cost intervention for improving mother-infant bonding. Such infants may be lethargic, disorganised in their sleeping and feeding problems, prone to over stimulation and irritability. 


In view of the promotion of health and safety for the population we cared for, this infant massage therapy will be proposed as an adjunct therapy in the management of pain in neonates that potentially experiencing withdrawal from opioids 

Armida Dela Cruz


Violetta Kryshtal Viktorovna

A Dream of Health as A Universal Knowledge

This dream started in response to these alarming facts: chronic diseases are rapidly increasing, life expectancy is decreasing, and an enormous number of preventable deaths still happen due to lack of first aid knowledge. It aims to implement health education via an e-learning program, which not only focuses on physical parts of the health, but also on mental and social well-being aspects. The course will be created in 2 versions, one for adults and one for children. It will also be translated into different languages to help reach people of different ages living all over the world.

Geneva Social

Concerto, a digital tool to empower our patients

Mobile applications promote patient empowerment. In accordance with their mission, the Geneva University Hospitals developed Concerto, the patients’ mobile application, prototyped during a hackathon, co-created by caregivers, developers and patients by user-centric design and agile development. Concerto capitalizes on an interoperable IT architecture and links the patient securely to the Hospital information system to provide an up-to-date schedule of care, targeted medical and practical information, attractive menu selection and other functionalities. Concerto offers an ecosystem that continuously grows by including new needs identified among patient such as Visio, a module which connected patients and their families during the pandemic.


Helena Bornet dit Vorgeat

Hong Kong Social
Hong Kong

Dwarfs -Educational Kit about Emotions for Children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

 Dwarfs is an educational kit for 6 – 12 years old children with ASD who are studying in ordinary schools in Hong Kong. It aims to educate them about emotional expression and emotion control.

In the design, elements of colour, form and sound respectively trigger the visual, tactile and auditory sensation of the children. In this sense, Dwarfs acts as a new platform for the children to carry out a deeper communication with the social workers instead of only by verbal communication since many ASD children are not good at expressing themselves in words. The ultimate goal of Dwarfs is to improve the social lives of ASD children.

Man Wai Wong

Toronto Social
Toronto, Ontario

Andrew Pinto


Noah Crampton


Clinicians are burning out from tedious work within the electronic medical record (EMR). Leveraging a microphone, AutoScribe is an AI software that parses doctor-patient dialogues to automatically generate in real-time suggested medical notes for the clinician and handout summaries for the patient. Co-designed with providers and patients of diverse backgrounds, this patent-pending, privacy-optimized, EMR-integrated software includes AI that is contextually aware and uses clinician edits of its outputs to become more personalized and accurate over time. It reduces time using the EMR; results in more engaged and efficient doctor-patient visits; and the patient’s handouts improve adherence to clinical management plans.

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