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Biomedical Innovations

Calgary Biomed
Calgary, Alberta

Alim Mitha


John Wong

Fluid Biotech

Fluid Biotech is a medical device start-up founded by two neurosurgeons at the University of Calgary that has developed an implantable dissolving stent to divert blood flow and heal blood vessels. The desire to innovate and create positive change has always been a priority for the founders and inventors, Dr. John Wong and Dr. Alim Mitha. Working together for the past two decades to help people with stroke, their drive and commitment to improve patient health sparked a vision to create a radical new stent to cure brain aneurysms without invasive surgery.

Calgary, Alberta


A collapsed lung often requires urgent chest tube insertion by highly trained personnel. Unfortunately, 1 in 3 chest tubes can have complications with major ones associated with a 30% risk of death.

Smart Drain is a revolutionary patent-pending device incorporating three technologies: pressure, resistance, and impedance sensing.  It offers a unique combination of depth control and cavity recognition during chest tube insertion. It enhances safety even when used by less experienced first responders when treating infants or adults.

Applicability is universal to the patient population within hospitals, civilian (malls, clinics, or schools) or military settings (army, air force, or navy).

Wiley Chung


Alex Chee

Switzerland Biomed

Nicolo Brembilla


TrophiPatch: A personalized, regenerative, stem-cell based solution for difficult to treat chronic ulcer

We developed a pharmaco-economically affordable and effective solution for patients affected by non-healing chronic wounds. About 1% of the worldwide population is considered to suffer from this condition. Our solution, TrophiPatch, relies in the engineering of a skin-like tissue containing stem cells extracted from the fat of the patient to treat. TrophiPatch is applied directly to the prepared wound and will not be rejected by the patient. Thanks to the treatment simplicity and expected higher efficiency over traditional dressings, TrophiPatch enhances wound healing, reduces hospitalisation time and significant mitigates the risk of incurring in further costly complications, including amputations.

Olivier Preynat-Seauve


Topical anti-VEGF Biologics Therapy for Wet AMD and Other Neovascular Diseases of the Eye

Enhancement of epithelial permeability to increase drug bioavailability, enable or enhance drug action is our focus. Developed at the University of Geneva, KriyaBio’s technology offers innovative drug delivery solutions for the benefit of patients suffering from chronic diseases such as adult macular degeneration (AMD). Our approach, built around our proprietary drug permeation enhancer technology, allows to deliver drugs across biological barriers safely and through utilizing a natural, well-defined mechanism. Thereby, we render drug targets more accessible while increasing patient compliance and adherence to therapy.

Gerrit Borchard

Hong Kong Biomed
Hong Kong

Joanne Yip

Flexible Scoliosis Brace with Artificial Hinge

The innovative flexible brace is a functional garment specially designed for adolescent with scoliosis. The artificial hinge used in this design applies strategic corrective forces to the spine, providing adequate support to the wearers. Combining clinical practice, material science and textile technology, the scoliosis brace of high wearing comfort can control the progression of spinal deformity more effectively and improve patient compliance, thus reducing the possible need for surgery. It was found that the spinal deformity of all recruited subjects was under control, and even one of them got 32% spinal improvement after 3 months of bracing.

Hong Kong

Enhanced Insulin Release by Ultrasound Stimulation for the Treatment of Diabetics

Our innovation aims to develop a wearable device that contains a closed loop with glucose monitor and ultrasound stimulation system, which can automatically stimulate insulin secretion from pancreas with ultrasound according to dynamic blood glucose level in the body. Moreover, a Bluetooth in the device that can be connected with cell phone thus output the data (including blood glucose level and status of ultrasound stimulation system) into the APPS that helps patients visualize real-time status. This device may provide a novel non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive, safe and effective physical therapy for diabetes, opening up new avenues for the treatment of diabetes.

Lei Sun

Toronto Biomed
Toronto, Ontario

The “Liver Airbag” a new device for bleeding control in severe liver injuries.

The liver is the most frequently injured abdominal organ in trauma but no devices are specifically designed to control bleeding from liver injuries. Treatment requires packing the liver with cotton. This impairs direct view of the liver, can result in excessive pressure cutting off circulation to the liver, and when removed, clots often stick to the cotton causing re-bleeding during removal. The “liver airbag” is transparent, wraps around the liver allowing visualization of the organ, is inflatable with 2 pressure gauges allowing precise control of pressure to control bleeding, and its material is non-adherent to clots preventing re-bleeding during removal.

Joao Rezende-Neto

Toronto, Ontario

SkIP Tech: Preventing Pressure Wounds

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the problems that exist in wound care, and especially pressure injuries (PI). These are painful wounds, resulting in overwhelming infection and death. They have a tremendous negative impact on quality of life, but they are PREVENTABLE. Canada has one of the highest prevalence rates in the world of 26% in all healthcare settings.  We created SkIP (Skin Imaging for Pressure Injuries) technology to bring expertise into the hands of all practitioners in all settings. For the first time we are able to non-invasively monitor patients at risk and provide treatment at an earlier stage.


Karen Cross

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