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Jury Panel for GHIA 2021




Hong Kong

Prof. Alex Molasiotis

Dr. Harry Qin


Angel S.P. Chan Lau Professor in Health and Longevity
Chair Professor of Nursing and Head
School of Nursing 
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Associate Professor 

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 


Ms. Aurélia Weber

Innovation Manager, Geneva University Hospitals, Innovation Center, Switzerland

Licensing Officer, The University of Geneva, Switzerland

Dr. Olivier Deloche

Calgary, Canada

Mr. Marc Leduc

Senior Provincial Director, Health Evidence and Innovation, Alberta Health Services

Ms. Jill de Grood

Director, Development and Partnerships, W21C, University of Calgary

Toronto, Canada

Ms. Daniella McCroirie

Vice President, Strategic Innovation, AXON Communications, Canada

Dr. Erica Conte

Director Funding Strategy & Stewardship, Unity Health Toronto - St. Michael’s Hospital, Canada

Dr. Ori Rotstein

Vice President of Research & Innovation, Unity Health Toronto - St. Michael’s Hospital, Canada

United Kingdom

Dr. Theofanis Fotis

School of Health Sciences, University of Brighton, UK

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