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Instructions for Competitors

On behalf of the 2018 organizing committee, welcome to the Global Healthcare Innovation Academy (GHIA) taking place at V322, Innovation Tower of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) at Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Please review the following requirements, presentation guidelines and deadlines you will need to follow as a participant in the competition portion of GHIA on 29 and 30 August.


The Pitch Competitions

During your pitches, all presenters will be provided up to 2 microphones, a slide changer, a presentation monitor and a timer.

•    The scientific pitch sessions begin at 13:30 on 29 August and the investment pitch sessions at 09:40 on 30

      August (both at V322 of Innovation Tower, PolyU).

•    Please ensure you are at the venue 15 minutes prior to the start of the pitches.

Pitch Components

1) Scientific Pitch

All competitors may use up to 10 minutes to present on the scientific merits of your innovation. Following the presentation, there will be 5 minutes allotted for questions from the Grand Jury.

The jury will be using the following guidelines to judge your scientific pitch. This ranking will be used to determine the top 6 innovations that will move on to present an investment pitch on the second day of the event.

Scientific Pitch Adjudication:
•   Definition and context of your innovation – The health or healthcare problem your innovation is                           addressing, and what your innovation does to address it?
•    Scientific principles, evidence and expertise behind your innovation
•    Uniqueness of your innovation – Are there similar innovations (competitors) available, how is yours

•    Potential for impact –Evidence that the innovation will improve health or healthcare, can the innovation be 

      adapted to other settings, diseases or systems, and is the impact sustainable over time?

Presentations will be strictly timed.

2) Investment Pitch
All competitors are required to prepare a 5-minute investment pitch presentation. However, only the top six innovations determined by the Grand Jury at the end of the first day will present on the second day of the event.


Those competitors moving on to Day 2 of the competition will have 5 minutes for questions from the Grand Jury following their 5-minute presentation. 


Investment Pitch Adjudication: 
•    Problem statement and novelty of your proposed innovation 
•    Market opportunity – Your innovations benefits, identification of your end-users and stakeholders, your

      target market, competition and competitive advantage 
•    Strategy for further development and sustainability –definition of milestones, path to market or

      implementation, next steps, and potential challenges or barriers
•    Use of prize proceeds

Presentations will be strictly timed.


Presentation Material Guidelines

•    Slides must be built in Microsoft PowerPoint in Widescreen (16:9). To create your slides in this aspect ratio,

      go to ‘Design’ > ‘Slide Size’ and select ‘Widescreen (16:9)’. 
•    If using videos, the video file must be embedded in your presentation. 
•    Name each presentation in the following format: 
      o    D1_InnovationName_ScientificPitch_GHIA
      o    D2_InnovationName_InvestmentPitch_GHIA
•    Please note that these presentations will be video recorded and made public. Ensure that you have

      permission to distribute any copyrighted material within your presentations. 


If you have any issues with your presentation being recorded, please let us know in advance.


•    PowerPoint slides for both the scientific and investment presentations must be submitted to by 24 August 2018, 18:00 HK time. 
•    Updated slide presentations will not be accepted in-person on 29 August. No exceptions.
•    Please confirm the name(s) of those from your team who will be presenting each pitch when submitting

      your presentations.


After the adjudication process for both the scientific and investment jury is complete, the top three innovations, will be awarded the following prizes:


Champion: HK$100,000  
First Runner-up: HK$70,000 
Second Runner-up: HK$40,000 


The Award Ceremony to announce the final winners will take place on 30 August at 11:50am at V322 of Innovation Tower, PolyU. 


We look forward to hosting all of you at PolyU, and hearing your pitches. Please direct any questions to or talk to your local partner site representative.


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