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Workshop Facilitators

Dr. Didier Pittet

Director, Infection Control Programme and WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety, University Hospital of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland.



CREATE - Social Innovation: The Case of Clean Care is Safer Care

Workshop Location: Dome Theatre

Prof. Didier Pittet is Director of the Infection Control Programme and WHO Collaborating Centre on Patient Safety, Geneva, Switzerland. He holds honorary professorships in London, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, China. He is Lead Adviser of the WHO Patient Safety Clean Care is Safe Care. Prof Pittet is the recipient of several international honours incl. a CBE awarded by Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II for services to the prevention of healthcare-associated infection in the UK (2007).

The book “Clean Hands Save Lives” (by T. Crouzet, 2014) describes Didier Pittet medical odyssey to promote patient safety worldwide.

Prof Pittet is co-author of more than 500 publications in peer-reviewed journals and 50 textbook chapters. He serves on the editorial boards of several journals and is an editorial consultant of the Lancet. The experience of his team in engaging nations and healthcare settings worldwide in a universal commitment to patient safety is unique.

Dr. Tom Keenan

Professor, Faculty of Environmental Design and Adjunct Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary



BUILD - 'Technocreep: What makes technology creepy and how to avoid the creep factor'

Workshop Location: Feature Gallery North B

After four decades of technology-watching, Tom Keenan decided the world needed a new word. In coining the term “Technocreep” had three things in mind:

  • Technology is creeping into our lives in unseen ways

  • Some of that technology is surprisingly creepy

  • There are creepy people, literally “technocreeps” out there.


Have you ever noticed how things follow you on the Internet? You view a watch on eBay, decide not to buy it, and the next time you go to Facebook there’s an ad for that very watch! Your eyeballs have just been sold in a little-known online auction system called FBX.

Tom feels some of the most technocreepy effects will come as we put technology on, and even inside our bodies. As we dutifully wear our fitness monitors, and Apple Watches, and send our DNA away for analysis, we give away some very more intimate information. As Tom explains in his book Technocreep, our ability to predict future disease from genetic and other medical tests is rapidly advancing, and laws and privacy policies are struggling to keep up with technology advances.

In this fast-paced talk, we’ll take a tour of some of the creepiest technologies and ways to minimize their creep factor.

About Dr. Keenan

Tom combines a deep technical knowledge with lively insights into the social and cultural aspects of technology. He was educated at Columbia University, receiving BA, M.Sc., MA and Ed.D. degrees in Philosophy, Mathematics, Engineering and Education. He is a popular professor of Environmental Design and Computer Science at the University of Calgary, a Fellow of the Canadian Information Processing Society and the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute, and a Research Fellow of the Centre for Military Security and Strategic Studies. Tom taught Canada’s first computer crime course, in 1974, and was involved in drafting that country’s inaugural computer crime legislation. He has been an expert witness in civil and criminal cases including one involving claimed “Internet defamation”.

He is the author of over 500 academic papers, book chapters, presentations and articles, and has spoken on five continents to academic audiences, major conferences and the general public.  His latest book, Technocreep ( dissects how technology is becoming creepy in hidden ways that are difficult for most people to understand. It has recently appeared in the top ten on in categories including Civil Rights and Liberties, Technology & Society, and Social Aspects of Technology.

Tom’s prolific work in the media ranges from being the National Technology Correspondent for Business Edge News Magazine to writing a syndicated Men’s Health column that appears in the Calgary Herald and other Postmedia newspapers.  He is a member of the Psychology Today panel of experts and blogs regularly on the intersection between the human mind and technology. A regular guest on a number of TV and radio programs, he has recently been interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Daily News, Singapore Straits Times, Forbes,  the New York Post, National Public Radio, CBC Television’s The National and CTV’s Canada AM.

Allison Swelin

Manager, Health, Sales, and Marketing, Garmin International



GROW - "Grow Your Idea"

Workshop Location: Feature Gallery South


Allison Swelin has been passionate about health since a child. She grew up playing soccer allowing her to play Division 1 women's soccer while studying Marketing at Miami University.


After interning at Motorola, she secured a product manager role where she worked for a number of years while completing her MBA. In 2009, she followed her heart to Calgary & accepted a opportunity with SMART Technologies in marketing.


In 2013, the "opportunity of a lifetime" that blended her passion for health with her career came along where she now leads the Garmin Health division. Two years late to the market, but well positioned after a decade of building wearables for fitness enthusiast, they entered the wellness market with the vívofit. The division's mission is improve people’s health by providing world class devices and a connected ecosystem.


In 2015, her sales & marketing team grew revenue by 400%, developed an ecosystem of over 100 partners and multiplied connected users by 13x. In 2016, Garmin plans to double revenues and has already surpassed 2015 revenues after Q1. 

Paul Natland

Business Development, Arizona Bay



GROW - Innovation: How to Deal with Accelerating Pace of Disruption

Workshop Location: Feature Gallery North A

Paul Natland helps entrepreneurs and organizations turn their ideas into reality. Currently Natland conducts business development for Arizona Bay, where they specialize in Ruby on Rails development and act as a trusted advisor, investor, or development partner to many leading technology companies (including GroupOn,, Abine,, Plastiq, Cloudsponge, Brightsquid and Surgicount Medical). 
Prior to joining Arizona Bay, Natland was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Pureform & PureKids Radiology; a leading provider of Medical Diagnostic Imaging in the Calgary community, where he was responsible for all aspects of the organization with a capital budget of more than $6 million annually. During his tenure we grew revenue by more than 60% (to tens of millions of dollars) while significantly increasing net income for the established business. 


He has also served as Director of Strategy and Application for Brightsquid Inc., where he was charged with business development, strategic partnerships and deployments, long-term growth strategy, and overseeing the medical platform development. Natland has also been a sessional instructor at the University of Alberta's School of Business teaching a seminar that covered critical business topics including statistics, market research, accounting principles, finance analysis, risk management, information systems, marketing, operations, and strategic management.

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